Winter tips

Henna is keeping my feet in perfect shape -- but my hands lose the henna quickly from everything you do with your hands. So in winter I'm combining henna with intensive moisturizing tips for my hands. Here's what I do at bedtime. 

1. I soak my hands for 15 minutes in a pot of warm water with very gentle moisturizing bath salts and oils. I don't soak every night, just do it as often as feels good for you.

2. I touch up any open spots with Neosporin and a bandaid for comfort.

3. I apply a thick layer of Balm-ex, so thick that you can't see any skin, and then put on gloves (and socks if you are treating your feet). I have a new favorite for socks -- Earth Therapeutic Moisturizing Foot Sock. You can find it widely online and in natural stores. Expect to pay between 6 and 9 dollars. I'll try their gloves now too.

Yes, Balm-ex is for diaper rash! 


john1960 said...

I find the henna treatment on my feet actually hurts when the skin is cracked, especially at the base of the toes. How do you handle this?

Monique Doyle Spencer said...

Hi John -- Soak your feet in warm water first with bath oil in it. When you make the henna, leave out the lemon juice, just use very hot water (and let it cool, of course). USE the winter tips to try and reduce the cracking pain. Somedays I have little patches of neosporin and bandaids all over.
Please let me know how it goes. Monique

john1960 said...

Hi, Monique - I'll give that a try and let you know who it works out.